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  1. Sophos Partners with Cowbell

    Providing Small and Medium Enterprises with streamlined access to cyber insurance coverage and facilitating optimal insurance provision for Sophos customers in the U.S. through the opt-in sharing of endpoint health security data.
  2. Best Practices for Securing Your Firewall

    While your Sophos Firewall is a security product, it also needs to be secured. Follow these best practices to optimize the security of your network.
  3. GPT for you and me: Applying AI language processing to cyber defenses

    Three SophosAI projects harness the model behind ChatGPT for better detection of malicious activity.
  4. Observing OWASSRF Exchange Exploitation… still

    ProxyNotShell continues to make waves as November 2022 fixes fail to contain SSRF tactic
  5. Cybersecurity Guide: Securing the Education Sector

    Sophos helps educational institutions quickly identify and respond to advanced threats, 24x7x365