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  1. Sophos DNS Protection – Join the EAP

    Calling all Sophos Firewall users! Join the Early Access Program for our new web protection service.
  2. Cybercriminals can’t agree on GPTs

    Despite concern over illicit applications of ChatGPT and similar models, Sophos X-Ops’ exploration of cybercrime forums suggests many threat actors are still skeptical – and wrestling with the same issues and problems as the rest of us
  3. The Dark Side of AI: Large-Scale Scam Campaigns Made Possible by Generative AI

    Generative artificial intelligence technologies such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALL-E have created a great deal of disruption across much of our digital lives. Creating credible text, images and even audio, these AI tools can be used for both good and ill. That includes their application in the cybersecurity space. While Sophos AI has been working […]
  4. Introducing Sophos DNS Protection

    Early access is expected to run through January 2024, so get started today.
  5. Top 10 tips to protect your privacy and safety during the online shopping season and beyond

    Digital pick pockets are ready to pounce so use these Sophos security practices on Cyber Monday – and every other day too.