Our Team

The team of Geakom.net Ltd. is an alliance of experienced and young specialists - network engineers, designers and administrators who are very enthusiastic about meeting customers needs with latest innovations in information technology (IT) and telecommunications. We are fully committed to putting the high technology of converged networks into the hands of our customers in the most effective way.

Our team is made up of professionals with certifications from leading network equipment manufacturers. The constant care for qualification, the accumulated experience in telecommunications and computer technology, our good contacts with our partners - vendors and importers of equipment, help us respond adequately to the challenges of the rapid development in our industry.

Successful implementations in reputable companies such as Socotab, Galaxy Group, Kottmann Ltd., Winterhalder Bulgaria, Ted Bed EAD, Angel Stoilov AD, Renta-Group Ltd. and others give us confidence that we can successfully develop long-term and mutually beneficial partnership with our customers.