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  1. BazarLoader deploys a pair of novel spam vectors

    This email asks you to reach out and touch someone, and infect your computer in the process
  2. Join us for a special cybersecurity launch event!

    With people working remotely and IT infrastructure, data, and applications moving to the cloud, we’re seeing a fundamental shift in how business operates. Attackers are also adapting by leveraging a combination of automation and hands-on-keyboard techniques. IT security experts need a new approach to take cybersecurity into the future. Sophos is delivering new innovations in […]
  3. Microsoft’s April update patches 114 bugs—half of which allow remote code execution

    The fourth Patch Tuesday of 2021 is another big one. Today, Microsoft revealed 114 vulnerabilities fixed in the monthly security, over half of which could potentially be exploited for remote code execution by attackers. Of the 55 remote execution bugs, over half were tied to Windows’ Remote Procedure Call (RPC) interface. Four more were Microsoft […]
  4. Compromised Exchange server hosting cryptojacker targeting other Exchange servers

    An ouroboros of malicious cryptominers takes advantage of the ProxyLogon exploit
  5. The unintended consequences of rewarding beg bounty hunters

    This is the third article in a series on the phenomenon of “beg bounty" hunters. The first two articles consider what it is, why people do it, and how. This one details the experience of one particular target.